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Hey, I’m Claudia, a Munich based illustration artist – also known as BLONDI. My roots are in classical sketching; however, I am drawn to experimenting with different materials, techniques and papers/backgrounds. My portfolio covers illustrations, paintings, as well as digital art. The core of my work is the story of the universe of #beautifulcreatures.

#BC - Guitar Hero (2021).png
#BC - The Tango Frog (2021).png
#BC - Fashion Victim (2021).png
#BC - Jellyfish (2022).png
#BC - Fish in a Can (2022).png
#BC - The Sneaker (2022).png
#BC - The Green-Eyed Surfer (2022).png
Acryl - The Doodster (2022).png
Acryl - The Traveller (2022).png
Acryl - Street View (2021).png
Digital - Eat Me (2022).png
Illustration - Working Men (2020).png
Oil - Catch of the Day (2022).png
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